by Yelena Rogulev

Days are becoming shorter and nights colder which means autumn is in the air. I don’t know about you but I love fall and everything that it brings!

The warm cable knitted sweaters, pumpkin spice latte, apple picking, oh and all of those delicious apple pies! And, of course, the decorating. But unfortunately it can get pretty pricey real quick.

It’s defiantly difficult to decorate for each season when you are on a budget. But over the last few years of living on a budget, I have become pretty good at decorating inexpensively.

Here are my tips and tricks on how to decorate on a budget.


Raid Your House

If you really want to save money, than start with what you already have.  Look through your closets, basement, and attic and see if there is anything that you can upscale and recycle.

Some things to look for are vases, artificial flowers, candles, trays, mirrors and whatever else you can use to decorate.

I am BIG on DIYs and whenever I find something that I don’t like, I try to give it a new look.

Shop Thrift Stores or Dollar Tree

If you can’t find anything to upscale at home, try thrift stores or dollar stores. Both places have plenty of things that you could use for décor and at a fraction of a cost.

However, if you aren’t big on DIYs then try shopping Home Goods, TJMaxx, or Marshalls and see if you could score some good deals. These stores always carry an abundance of seasonal décor.

8 Piece Assorted Pumpkins: JUST $9.99!
Ceramic Hello Fall Pumpkin: So chic for $12.99
Ceramic But First Candy Pumpkin: The cutest Halloween candy jar, $9.99


mumsFlowers make everything beautiful!

For fall, I always buy Mums, they last longer and truly brighten up the house. Also, Mums are very inexpensive and available virtually anywhere, making it a cheap and easy decor solution for busy mamas.

Other great fall decorations you can find right in your backyard: branches and leaves give that cozy, rustic autumn feel.

Buy Decorative Pillow Cases

If you are like me, than you already have a dozen pillows and defiantly don’t need more. Plus, decorative pillows are pricey!

A great solution to this problem is buying decorative pillow cases and switching it up for every season. You can get pillow cases for as little as $6.00 on Amazon.

Pumpkin Throw Pill Cover: $9.99
Black and White Buffalo Check Pillow Cover: $6.99
Pumpkin Spice Pillow Cover: $9.99

Keep it Simple

If you are on a tight budget, than the easiest way to stay on it is to keep your décor simple. I am all about minimalism.

The simpler your décor, the less you need to buy and the more money saved.

*Bonus Tip!

Buy next year’s seasonal décor and the END of fall, when its all on sale!


About the Author

My name is Yelena, I am a wife to a wonderful man and a mother to our two precious twins, boy and a girl. My everyday life consists of chaos, dirty diapers, constant laundry, and its all topped off with loads of cuddles and kisses. Being a mother is the most challenging and rewarding roles that God has ever given me! I am nowhere close to being a perfect wife or mother but I try to come as close to it as I can. I enjoy being a mother and a homemaker!

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